Vision allows us to look forward AND look back.   Vision is the ability to look in the mirror and judge oneself.

Looking back, we have the firmest of foundations to do anything that is necessary for the education of our children. Our teachers are the cornerstone in that foundation. They are supported by a dynamic staff and administration.

Looking forward we need to continue to push ourselves to be better. Not every “cutting edge” concept is appropriate for our schools. Our corporation’s administration continually demonstrates a balance between being ahead of the curve and providing sustainable solutions.   Our facilities must accommodate the student’s needs as the educational climate and goals progress.

Our new Shelbyville Central Educational Foundation is an example of vision.   The seeds planted in 2017 we grow and provide for our students for decades to come.

We will continue to move and expand. This is NOT the role of the school board. This is the role of the administration. The school board needs to be prepared to support and fund those appropriate initiatives that will benefit our students.

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