Much has been written about School Accountability.    This is a top down issue. The School Board MUST be accountable if the schools are to be held to a higher standard.

Accountability of the School Board is not only to our citizens, but also and equally important to the Faculty, Staff, Administration and Students of the Corporation. Our talented teachers expect and deserve the respect and admiration of our school board. Our administration is tasked with implementing the policies and guidance developed by the Board. Each decisions must take into account many different perspectives and consequences.

The School Board will have one of the most important tasks in our scope of responsibility in 2019.   Our outstanding superintendent Dr. David Adams, is retiring.   He will serve through June 2019.   Hiring a new superintendent will be one of the most important tasks the board will every embark.    A school board has three major areas of responsibility:

  • Hire and Employ the Superintendent
  • Approve the Budget
  • Make Policy

As you can see, the management of a superintendent is a critical job function of a school board.   We are accountable to the community for making a wise and meaningful hire.    As such, our Schools are accountable.   I am pleased to be seeking candidacy for another term with our OUTSTANDING school corporation.

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