The school climate in Indiana has changed the past several years.   This stems in large part from how K-12 education funds are distributed.  The biggest and most prevalent is the State’s control of the General Fund for a school corporation.

The role of a school board member must be to stay current on the work of our State Legislature as is relates to schools. Some of the laws that are passed have wonderful outcomes. There are, in some cases, those that are considered which would be detrimental to our students and teachers.   Some proposed laws even usurp local control.    These viewpoints, for and against, must be communicated clearly to our State elected officials.

We also need to be strong in being engaged on the National level too. Acceptance of Federal funds by a school also is acceptance of Federal guidelines.   The implementation of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) is important at every level of public education.   How our State handles this issue is equally as important as our own preparation for the ESSA implementation.    It is important to remain vigil and have a firm understanding of what is required. If those requirements become detrimental to our goals, the we must champion for their change.

As an elected PUBLIC school board member, our responsibility needs to extend past our local corporation. I feel it is important to champion and work for public education and highlight the outstanding success of our public schools across the State.

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