z 2014 Election Notes

Here are the notes I wrote at the culmination of the 2014 Election.   These words are as true today as they were 4 years ago.

As I finish the 2014 election, I have a few thoughts to share:

Thank you to my treasurer, neighbor and friend John Walker.   Although we were not required to file financial reports, we formed a committee and filed all the paperwork.  I find it best to always make the extra effort to be up front in what I do.   John does a great job of keeping us on time and accurate with our filings.

Thank you the the late Kathleen Coulston.   Kathleen was my first campaign chair.   She was 93 at the time.   She always called me either “honey” or “kid”.   That is the same moniker for everyone under the age of 85 that she knew!   Kathleen was fond of sending letters.   If you were in the paper or had a special event, there was a letter in the mail from Kathleen.   As her health took a turn for the worse, I kept the last several letters unopened.   I would wait for that special occasion when I needed a lift, or just wanted to remember Kathleen.   On the night of my second election, I opened one of the envelopes.   She was truly a grand lady.

Thank you to my wife and daughter.   My daughter especially bears the brunt of my board service.   She is always patient as I answer one last question, or need to divert to yet another meeting.   She knows that the only time I go shopping is to make myself an “easy target” to learn about an issue.  She has never once pressured me to hurry or finish.

Thank you to my City family.   I am unusual that I hold a position of leadership with our schools and with the City of Shelbyville.    Everyone is respectful of my loyalty to the schools.   Our City departments do an outstanding job and they make it easy to serve.

Thank you to my Strand Theatre family.   Anyone who sees our marquee knows we are busy.   We spend a lot of time together.   The Strand is a wonderful place.  No one is judged and we all care for each other.   Hubris is not allowed through the Strand’s doors.    They keep me grounded and are a wealth of ideas whenever some are needed.   Please visit the Strand and feel the magic for yourself.

Thank you to the employees of National Automotive Lines, Inc.    They are always there to cover.   They provide the absolutely best service ANYWHERE.   I am working with the “A” team, no doubt about that.

Some of you might notice that my Favicon are the Greek masks of Comedy & Tragedy.   This is in honor of my background in theatre.    Indiana University Department of Theatre and Drama is a great place to learn leadership, management & collaboration… as well as theatre.

Thank you to my friends who keep me grounded.  They always have the best ideas and best advice.   I am surrounded by a dynamic group of people.   They are all the heart of our community.  There isn’t anything they can’t accomplish.

Thank you to all the people who place their confidence in me to make decisions on behalf of our Schools and Community.    I am honored to have so much trust placed in me over the course of the past 25 years of public life.

Finally, thank you to my Mom & Dad.    They have instilled in me an escape that few people have.   All I have to do is visit Widor, Brahms, Vierne, Bach or d’Indy to be taken instantly to another place.   That love of music gives me the energy to do what I do…that and a cup of tea.    It is an instant recharge.

Thank you!

David M. Finkel – November 2014

(to experience a recharge yourself, I recommend:

Widor:  Symphony No. 5, Mvt.1

Brahms: Symphony No. 4, Mvt. 2

Vierne:  Symphony No. 6: Finale

Bach:  Fugue in G Minor (Little)

d’Indy:  Symphony on a French Mountain Air

Dvorak:  Symphony No. 8, Mvt. 3

Smetana:  Ma Vlast: Moldau

Beethoven:  Piano Concerto No. 5, Mvt. 2

Delius:  Winternacht

Bach:  Magnificat, Escurientes

Grieg:  Piano Concerto A Minor, Mvt. 2

Beethoven:  Symphony No. 7, Mvt. 2

Lennon/McCartney:  I Will

Listen to the above and you WILL feel better)

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